A simple Lock must be smart



Freight container tracking and protection 

Customs operations 

Tracking opening and closing times 


Security companies

Commercial, retail & personal use

Securing remote locations

Technical specifications


Penta band GSM

GPRS Uplink 40kbps / Downlink 80kbps

GSM internal antenna

Support command list over SMS/GPRS

Support FW/SW update FOTA/ROTA

GNSS module

GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou / Galileo support

72-channel -169 dBm navigation sensitivity

GNSS internal chip antenna

Anti jamming  ( Active CW detection and removal )

AGPS support

Coordinate determination

AssistNow™, CellLocate™, GNSS

In pursuit to increase the accuracy and speed of GPS – we worked extensively with our partner u-blox™. This cooperation allowed us to integrate the lock into AssistNow™ servers – a technology which allows to combine GPS and network information to reach peak performance in locating the GPS position.

Wireless Internal battery charger

Qi Wireless Charger 1 A a full battery charge time 4h

Power consumption

Operation peak average 0,7 W

Deep sleep mode <1.5 mW ( up to six months depending on the data transmission frequency )

Battery Internal

LiPO 3.7V battery 2500mAh


Internal 4KHz dB min. 60@10cm


High precision, 16 bit resolution, 3 axis digital  accelerometer for motion reporting

Environmental specifications

Operating temperature -20° to 85°C

IP67 ingress protection

What you get?

Worldwide location identification


Movement tracker


Cross-platform support

High security key

Wireless charging

Long battery life


Worldwide GSM network compatible

Remote battery status

Heat/fire alarm

Remote location security

Marine transport

Road transport

Rail transport



Trackable GPS padlock is a one-stop solution for securing, monitoring and tracking for both mobile and stationary property.

Padlock provides constant location and 24/7 online access to status of your system protected by our service. It is an independent IoT device which is able to access the internet on its own and have accurate GPS location on any part of the globe. Padlock logs lock physical status, internal battery status, charging status and tampering alarms with accurate time and location of the lock. The lock will report any change in status automatically, it can also be accessed at any time via TCP or SMS command. Any tampering such as burning, smashing, cutting or signal jamming of the lock are reported as alarm, with time and location of event. Periodic location reporting can be configured by selecting tracking mode. This intelligent padlock does not require any external power supply or installation. The lock has internal battery which can be charged with any standard QI wireless charger. The lock will report battery change with every status change and will generate low-battery alarm when battery goes below 30%.

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